Cherished Numbers

The buying and selling of Cherished Numbers is big business, there are millions of Cherished Numbers out there so how do you decide which one is right for you?

Before you start do a bit of research about where to buy, there are many private sellers out there but it is safer to buy from a company. The Cherished Numbers Dealers Association (CNDA) is the trade association for dealers. Members ensure that all rules and regulations are adhered too and most of them offer not just their own stock but registrations that they sell on behalf of private individuals.

Once you have chosen your dealer think about budget; you can pick up Cherished Numbers from less than 50.00 or in excess of 500,000.00. Set yourself a budget before you contact your Cherished Numbers Dealer. That way you can disregard anything outside of your budget.

Next you need to think about what you'd like your number plate to show. Cherished Numbers can be initials or a name or word, anything really so once you have sorted your budget give your criteria to your dealer and they should be able to come up with a list of Cherished Marks that are both relevant to you and within your budget.

Once you first look at this list you'll probably be able to disregard a few of these registrations immediately, they just won't be what you're looking for but hopefully there'll be a few on there that tick all the boxes for you. At this point you need to get back in touch with your dealer and enquire as to whether the numbers are still available. Cherished Numbers is a fast moving business so you've got to be quick!

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